My first try with an ARDUINO project!

So today I’ve decided to give this a try! As an enthusiast of engineering I have to say I’m so very exited about this project ( due to the fact that it’s my first, probably!).
I’m thinking about an arduino computer controlled sprinkler system so I must say I have my work cut out for me, I don’t expect this to be easy, but then again I’m not known to be a quitter!
For those of you who are weekly readers of my blog, this may come as a surprise as last week for example, I literally didn’t know anything about this “arduino”. So, supposedly you don’t either , you’re entitled to some explanations.
I came across this reading a “ do it yourself blog” in which someone was building an arduino board in an attempt to build a controller for his lights around the house. Started reading then and basically this is how it goes:
Arduino is an open source electronic platform, very easy to use in fact because the software for it is free, simple and can be related to numerous computer programs and soft wares such as flash, maxMSP etc. - more informations on
Using arduino language you can control lights, motors, and other stuff. That being said and given the fact that the arduino board uses sensors , I’ve set out to buy one and other accessories I might need , even though arduino projects can be stand alone and manually built ( looking forward to that in the nearest future, don’t judge!).
I’ve gone and purchased an Arduino UNO board compatible with Windows,( u can also use them with MAC and Linux) that comes with a USB cable. Next step , download the software and connect it! Installing the drivers and the download time will vary because of one’s internet connection….
I’ll be getting back to you soon after figuring out the many features of the software first, and keep you posted!