What is Web Development?

What is Web Development?

You are probably one of the many who has asked “what is web development?”, or maybe one among those who are confused on the differences between web development and web designer. While terms web developer and web designer are usually used synonymously, these terms don’t exactly mean the same. Technically, web designer designs site interfaces using CSS, HTML and more while a web developer might be involved in designing websites but can also write web scripts in different languages like ASP and PHP. Moreover, web developers can help in maintaining and updating database utilized by the dynamic website.

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What is Web Development?

Upon learning the distinctions between the two, you would probably ask yourself now, what is web development anyway?
Web development pertains to a broad term for works involved in developing websites for the worldwide web or for private networks. Web development can significantly range from creating or developing the most basic up to the most complex online applications or web apps and social network services and electronic businesses.

More common tasks that are directly linked to web development are:

  • Web design
  • Web engineering
  • Web servers
  • Web content development
  • Network security configurations
  • E-commerce developments and more

Web development can also refer to tasks linked with developing sites for hosting via the internet. Web development is also widely known as website development.

What is Web Development’s Role in Website Functionality?

Web development also includes programming and coding that enables a site’s functionality as per requirements of the owner. This mainly deals with non-design aspects of website building that provides for writing markup and coding.

Web development actually ranges from creating basic text page up to the most complex online applications, electronic business, and social network applications. The hierarchy of web development includes client-side coding; the next one is server-side coding and finally the database technology.

What is Web Development Client and Server Side and Languages Used in them?

Web development includes server and client side languages. The server-side language acts as a bridge between your database and your website. This bridge is utilized to transfer accurate data from the server to your browser.

The client-side language, on the other hand, is used to make sites more attractive and also enhance the user interface. Client-side language only plays their role on the browser.

What is Web Development’s Great Benefits to Businesses?

With the latest internet and technology revolution taking the business world by storm, more businesses are taking advantage of what these technological innovations have to offer them. Web development services are perhaps one of the highly sought for services these days because it brings enormous benefits to businesses such as:

Attract Customers

If you use professional website development services, you can enjoy more customers coming to you. Through this service, your business is able to attract the attention and interest of customers. These also help in arousing curiosity in them and then entice them to know more about the services and products are offering.

Boost Sales

Web development is the right tool to help your business boost sales. Moreover, the advent of e-commerce websites helps in increasing your sale since customers have the convenience and ease to buy from your site 24/7.</p.

Increase Brand Recognition

Web development also plays a crucial role in increasing brand recognition since more customers are coming across and reading about your services and products and getting more familiar with your offerings.

Web development is one of the most useful services that can take businesses to the next level.

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